DJ Garrett Burke Standing by Wall

DJ Garrett Burke

Open Format Turntablist


"Sometime during high school, I started making mixtapes on my home computer. At that time, CD burners where rare and if you had one, everyone wanted you to burn them a copy. I recall once making a love CD to my high school sweetheart, lol. I played in the band from 6th grade to 12th joining every band program my school offered. You could say I was hooked to music and couldn’t get enough of it. It was not till after years of nightlife promotions and event planning I decided to take the DJ business more seriously and grow into who I am today.

I am a open format turntablist that loves mixing different genres together. From Motown and Hip Hop to Deep House & Trap, I have a large arsenal of unique tracks, handpicked over the years to provide an memorable experience with every booking.

Outside of DJing, I graduated magna cum laude from Wayne State University with an undergrad in design. Currently I am the program manager of a non-profit called the Dearborn Community Fund. We fund and organize cultural arts programs to enrich the community and the youth. I am a father of two wonder boys and I have a really fat cat."

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